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  例如第77题,A 20-minute nap will boost alertness and concentration; a 90-minute snooze will __77___creativity. 选项包括了enlarge, engage, enhance 和enlighten. 根据前半句话的含义可知,20分钟午睡可以提高专注度,那么90分钟的午睡就更应该对创造力有益了。通过对4个选项的分析,只有enhance能够表达这个意思。此处除了要搞清楚4个选项本身的含义外,还要注意运用上下文来进行最终判断。


2.Avoid the distraction

  According to Prevention.com, you experience a natural dip in body temperature between 1 p.m. and 3 p.m. A power nap at this time can boost alertness for several hours and, for most people, shouldn’t affect being able to fall asleep at night。

  4. It helps you remember more。帮你提高记忆力。

Beds should only be used for sleep. When people associate beds only with sleep , they are able to fall asleep faster and have a more restful sleep, according to an American Psychological Association (APA) study.

  Surprisingly, the best place to crash may be a hammock if you have one. A Swiss study published last year found that people fell asleep faster and had deeper sleep when they napped in a hammock than in a bed. That same rocking motion that lulls babies to sleep works wonders for grown-ups too。

designs on a computer screen. Those who took an hour-long nap before the exercise were able to draw for 90 seconds, compared to a control group who watched a nature documentary instead of napping. They gave up after 48 seconds。感觉受挫了?据最近在《个性与个体差异》杂志上发表研究的密歇根大学研究人员称:你或许该午睡。参与者被要求完成一项特别令人崩溃的任务——在电脑屏幕上画一个线形设计。之前睡了一个小时的人能画90秒,相比之下,实验对照组没睡,反而观看了一部自然纪录片,他们画了48秒就放弃了。

3.Don't eating or drinking

  再比如第73题,And most incredibly, a 2007 study of nearly 24,000 Greek adults in the Archives of Internal Medicine found that people who napped regularly had a 37% reduced risk of dying __73__ heart disease ……这里也非常明显的考察了词组die from 同时也考察了对动词词义的辨析。

What are you waiting for? Get snoozing and dream on!还在等什么?赶快去打盹继续做梦吧!

Last but not least,leave your stress and worries at your bedroom door! Clear your thoughts and just enjoy your sleep.May all of you have good sleep. Good night!

  点评:本篇完形填空摘自Read’s Digest, 再次体现了四六级考试频繁使用外刊素材的特点。

7. Taking a ten-minute rest is beneficial, too。休息十分钟也有好处。

Everybody has to fall asleep,some of us need our favorite pair of socks, a warm beverage, or our stuffed animal. But even when we get in bed our phone lights up with notifications, we check them and before we realize it , it has already been 3a m. That is how staying up late comes about.

  According to the Harvard Health Letter, several studies have shown that people remember new information better when they take a nap shortly after learning it. And, most incredibly, a 2007 study of nearly 24,000 Greek adults in the Archives of Internal Medicine found that people who napped regularly had a 37 percent reduced risk of dying from heart disease compared to people who didn’t nap。

3. Just thinking about taking a nap can lower your blood pressure。想想就知道,打盹都能降血压。

To help you get adequate sleep, don’t do anything too physically or mentally strenuous at least 2 hours before your bed time. As well, don’t eat a relatively large meal close to your sleep time.  Apart from this, coffee or alcohol will make your mind excited and wake you up at night.

  除了通过上下文理解才能得出答案的题目之外,仍然考察了一些语法点。比如第69题,A 2008 British study found that compared to getting more nighttime sleep, a mid-day nap was the best way to cope __69___ the mid-afternoon sleepiness. 这里明显考察的就是词组cope with。表示处理、应对。

6. Regular naps may prevent heart disease。定期午睡能预防心脏病。

1.Stick to a schedule


If you haven't been feeling too imaginative lately, it's probably time to hit the hay. A study conducted by psychiatrist Sara Mednick out of the University of California, San Diego, found that people who take REM naps -- the deep sleep state where you're dreaming -- were more creative when it came to problem solving than non-REM nappers。如果你最近感觉想象力不够丰富,可能你该去睡觉了。圣地亚哥加利福尼亚大学的精神病学家莎拉·梅德尼克进行的一项研究发现,达到快速眼动睡眠(做梦的深度睡眠状态)的人比没达到快速眼动睡眠的人解决问题时更富有创造力。

Establishing a consistent nighttime routine for a child is a particular challenge, especially when the child is very young. However ,we can make an attempt to do it. When My daughter was fifteen days old, I managed to aid her to establish a routine , which is early to bed and early to rise. Fortunately she succeeds in doing it. Every day she goes to bed around 9p.m, and gets up at seven o'clock the next morning.


Here are seven reasons why you should take a nap right now:以下就是你该马上去打盹的7点原因:

According to some investigations,the best time range to go to bed and to help you wake up in great shape is between 9pm and midnight, making sure that you have 8 hours of sleep per night.

  Whether you think you need daytime rest or not, picking up a nap habit—or continuing to make time for one—is a smart, healthy move. Consider the evidence: The Mayo Clinic says naps promote relaxation, reduced fatigue, better mood and alertness, and a sharper-working mind. A 2008 British study found that compared to getting more nighttime sleep or guzzling caffeine, a mid-day nap was the best way to cope with the mid-afternoon slump。

Don't think you can actually fall asleep? It may not matter all that much. A 2007 study, which took a look at the effects of napping versus resting, found that simply lying down for ten minutes improved mood regardless of whether or not the person fell asleep。你认为自己不能睡着?睡不着可能也没关系。2007年的一项研究观察了午睡和休息的效果,发现不管睡着没睡着,躺十分钟就能改善心情。

Therefore, It is suggested that we shouldn't  play  our phone/tablet/laptop in bed. Besides,switching the light into a gentle one is of great help to ensure better sleep.


2. You'll be more alert。你的反应会更快。

As far as I'm concerned,the reason for people's staying up late varies from person to person.However,lack of sleep would affect learning and memory. Worse,if your sleep difficulties last a long time,that could lead to anxiety or depression.As a consequence, getting enough sleep has become as important as eating vegetables and exercising regularly.Below are some suggestions for forming good habits of healthy sleep.

www.0805.com,  Pick a dark, cozy place that’s not too warm or too chilly. Prevention.com recommends napping on the couch instead of in bed, so you’re less tempted to snooze for too long。

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Feeling frustrated? According to researchers at the University of Michigan, who published a study recently in the journal Personality and Individual Differences, you should probably take a nap. Participants were asked to complete a particularly frustrating task -- drawing geometric

  But for most, naps can make you feel sharper and happier. Naps provide different benefits depending on how long they are, says MentalFloss.com. A 20-minute nap will boost alertness and concentration; a 90-minute snooze can enhance creativity。

Whether you're on a long drive or trying to get through a difficult task at work, napping is a great way to increase alertness if you're feeling foggy. A NASA study found that after napping for forty minutes pilots were more alert, and a smaller study found that after just ten minutes participants felt more alert。无论你开了很久的车还是正努力完成一份困难的工作任务,感觉迷糊时打个盹都是一个很好的提高反应力的方法。美国航空航天局的一项研究发现40分钟的午睡使飞行员反应更快。一项更小的研究发现只睡10分钟参与者也会觉得反应更快。

  Of course, napping isn’t right for everyone. If you’re prone to insomnia, naps that are too long or taken too late in the day can interfere with your ability to fall or stay asleep at night. Also, people with certain sleep disorders, like sleep apnea or narcolepsy, may feel more tired if they take a nap than if they don’t。

One study of 23,000 Greek adults found that people who took midday naps -- a.k.a. "siestas" -- were over thirty percent less likely to die of heart disease, according to the Washington Post."Napping may help deal with the stress of daily living," Michael Twery of the National Heart Lung and Blood Institute said, according to the Washington Post. "Another possibility is that it is part of the normal biological rhythm of daily living. The biological clock that drives sleep and wakefulness has two cycles each day, and one of them dips usually in the early afternoon. It's possible that not engaging in napping for some people might disrupt these processes."据《华盛顿邮报》,对23,000希腊成年人进行的一项研究发现中午睡觉(又称午睡)的人死于心脏病的概率下降了超过30%,美国国家心肺血液研究所的迈克尔•泰利说:“午睡有助于减轻日常生活的压力,另外一种可能就是午睡是日常生活中正常生物节律的一部分。驱使我们睡觉和醒来的生物钟一天有两个周期,其中一个通常是刚到下午的时候,可能对一些人而言不午睡可能就会扰乱这个进程。”

While an actual nap is certainly beneficial, so is the time before you take one. One British study found that participants' blood pressure dropped before they even fell asleep -- just anticipating the nap they were about to take was enough。打盹当然有好处,但打盹之前的时间也有好处。一项英国研究发现参与实验的人甚至在睡着之前血压就降了——只是想着要睡觉就足够了。

1. It'll increase your patience。它将提高你的耐心。

A study conducted by researchers in Germany found that taking an hourlong nap can dramatically improve our ability to remember information. For the study, participants were asked to remember specific words and pairs. Then, half the participants watched a DVD while the other half napped. When asked about their memory of the words, the nap group performed five times as well as the DVD group。德国研究人员进行的一项研究发现小睡1小时能显著提高我们记东西的能力。这项研究中,参与者被要求记住特定的单词和短语。然后一半参与者看DVD,另一半睡觉。当被问及记住多少单词时,打盹的那组的表现比看DVD那组好5倍。

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Sleep is very, very good. And while it's essential to get a solid seven to nine hours per night, when you occasionally miss the mark, a nap can help a great deal. Hey, it's still a good idea even if you do get enough sleep。睡眠是非常非常好的,虽然每天晚上固定睡7-9个小时是必要的,但偶尔缺觉时,白天打盹就很有用了。嘿!即使你不缺觉,打盹也不失为一个好主意。

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  5. It can improve creativity。它能提高创造力。