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  二、考研阅读理解(2010年考研阅读理解Part A Text 1)

    A little hypocrisy (虚伪) is not in itself a serious problem. The real problem is that Western governments continue to insist that they retain control of the key global economic and financial institutions while drifting away from global liberalization. Lock at what’s happening at the IMF (International Monetary Fund) The Europeans have demanded that they keep the post of managing director. But all too often, Western officials put their own interests above everyone else’s when they dominate these global institutions.

  Section 1 Use of English


  Of all the changes that have taken place in English-language newspapers during the past quarter-century, perhaps the most far-reaching has been the inexorable decline in the scope and seriousness of their arts coverage。

    The time has therefore come for the Asians-who are clearly the new winners in today’s global economy-to provide more intellectual leadership in supporting free trade: Sadly, they have yet to do so. Unless Asians speak out, however, there’s a real danger that Adam Smith’s principles, which have brought so much good to the world, could gradually die. And that would leave all of us, worse off, in one way or another.

  Directions:Readthe following text. Choose the best word(s) for each numbered blank andmark [A], [B], [C] or [D] on ANSWER SHEET 1. (10 points)


  It is difficult to the point of impossibility for the average reader under the age of forty to imagine a time when high-quality arts criticism could be found in most big-city newspapers. Yet a considerable number of the most significant collections of criticism published in the 20th century consisted in large part of newspaper reviews. To read such books today is to marvel at the fact that their learned contents were once deemed suitable for publication in general-circulation dailies。

  1. It can be inferred that “protection” (Line 1, Para.1) means________

  Though not biologically related, friends are as "related" as fourth cousins, sharing about 1% of genes. That is 1 a study published from the University of California and Yale University in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, has 2 。


  We are even farther removed from the unfocused newspaper reviews published in England between the turn of the 20th century and the eve of World War II, at a time when newsprint was dirt-cheap and stylish arts criticism was considered an ornament to the publications in which it appeared. In those far-off days, it was taken for granted that the critics of major papers would write in detail and at length about the events they covered. Theirs was a serious business, and even those reviewers who wore their learning lightly, like George Bernard Shaw and Ernest Newman, could be trusted to know what they were about. These men believed in journalism as a calling, and were proud to be published in the daily press. "So few authors have brains enough or literary gift enough to keep their own end up in journalism," Newman wrote, "that I am tempted to define ‘journalism’ as ‘a term of contempt applied by writers who are not read to writers who are’."

   A. improving economic efficiency.            

  The study is a genome-wide analysis conducted 3 1932 unique subjects which 4 pairs of unrelated friends and unrelated strangers. The same people were used in both 5 。


  Unfortunately, these critics are virtually forgotten. Neville Cardus, who wrote for the Manchester Guardian from 1917 until shortly before his death in 1975, is now known solely as a writer of essays on the game of cricket. During his lifetime, though, he was also one of England’s foremost classical-music critics, and a stylist so widely admired that his Autobiography (1947) became a best-seller. He was knighted in 1967, the first music critic to be so honored. Yet only one of his books is now in print, and his vast body of writings on music is unknown save to specialists。

   B. ending the free-trade practice

  While 1% may seem 6 , it is not so to a geneticist. As co-author of the study James Fowler, professor of medical genetics at UC San Diego says, "Most people do not even 7 their fourth cousins but somehow manage to select as friends the people who 8 our kin."


  Is there any chance that Cardus’s criticism will enjoy a revival? The prospect seems remote. Journalistic tastes had changed long before his death, and postmodern readers have little use for the richly upholstered Vicwardian prose in which he specialized. Moreover, the amateur tradition in music criticism has been in headlong retreat. (429 words)

   C. lowering moral standard                   

  The team also developed a "friendship score" which can predict who will be your friend based on their genes。

第一部分 听力 (共两节,满分30分)

  1. It is indicated in Paragraphs 1 and 2 that

   D. raising trade tariffs

  The study 9 found that the genes for smell were something shared in friends but not genes for immunity. Why this similarity in olfactory genes is difficult to explain, for now. 10 , as the team suggests, it draws us to similar environments but there is more 11 it. There could be many mechanisms working in tandem that 12 us in choosing genetically similar friends 13 than "functional kinship" of being friends with 14 !


  [A] arts criticism has disappeared from big-city newspapers。

  1. The Western leaders preach free trade because________

  One of the remarkable findings of the study was that the similar genes seem to be evolving 15 than other genes. Studying this could help 16 why human evolution picked pace in the last 30,000 years, with social environment being a major 17 factor。

第一节 (共5小题;每小题1.5分,满分7.5分)

  [B] English-language newspapers used to carry more arts reviews。

   A. it is beneficial to their economies

  The findings do not simply corroborate people’s 18 to befriend those of similar 19 backgrounds, say the researchers. Though all the subjects were drawn from a population of European extraction, care was taken to 20 that all subjects, friends and strangers were taken from the same population. The team also controlled the data to check ancestry of subjects。


  [C] high-quality newspapers retain a large body of readers。

   B. it is supported by developing countries

  1 A what B why C how D when

  1. Who does the woman suggest the man speak to?

  [D] young readers doubt the suitability of criticism on dailies。

   C. it makes them keep faith in their principles

  2 A defended B concluded C withdrawn D advised

A. Mr. Brown. B. Mr. Smith. C. Mrs. Brown.

  2. Newspaper reviews in England before World War II were characterized by

   D. it is advocated by Joseph Schumpeter and Adam Smith

  3 A for B with C by D on

  1. What is the woman probably going to do next?

  [A] free themes。

  1. By “the tables have turned” (Line 3-4,Para.2) the author implies that________

  4 A separated B sought C compared D connected

A. Go over the list. B. Go shopping. C. Go for an outing.

  [B] casual style。

   A. the Western leaders have turned self-centered

  5 A tests B objects C samples D examples

  1. What’s the possible relationship between the two speakers?

  [C] elaborate layout。

   B. the Asian leaders have become advocates of free trade

  6 A insignificant B unexpected C unreliable D incredible

A. Classmates. B. Teacher and student. C. Principal and student.

  [D] radical viewpoints。

   C. the developed economies have turned less competitive

  7 A visit B miss C know D seek

  1. Where does this conversation probably take place?

  3. Which of the following would Shaw and Newman most probably agree on?

   D. the developing economies have become more independent

  8 A surpass B influence C favor D resemble

A. In an office. B. In a garage. C. In a taxi.

  [A] It is writers’ duty to fulfill journalistic goals。

  1. The Western economies used to like the idea of “creative destruction” because it________

  9 A again B also C instead D thus

  1. When will the man begin to stay in the hotel?

  [B] It is contemptible for writers to be journalists。

   A. set a long-term rather than short-turn goal

  10 A Meanwhile B Furthermore C Likewise D Perhaps

A. On Tuesday. B. On Wednesday. C. On Friday.

  [C] Writers are likely to be tempted into journalism。

   B. was an essential part of capitalist development

  11 A about B to C from D like

第二节 (共15小题;每小题1.5分,满分22.5分)

  [D] Not all writers are capable of journalistic writing。

   C. contained a positive rather than negative mentality

  12 A limit B observe C confuse D drive


  4. What can be learned about Cardus according to the last two paragraphs?

   D. was meant to be the destruction of developing economies

  13 A according to B rather than C regardless of D along with


  [A] His music criticism may not appeal to readers today。

  1. The author uses “IMF” was an example to illustrate the point that_______

  14 A chances B responses C benefits D missions

  1. What does the boy want to do?

  [B] His reputation as a music critic has long been in dispute。

   A. European leaders are reluctant to admit they are hypocritical

  15 A faster B slower C later D earlier

A. Go abroad. B. Live by himself. C. Find a job.

  [C] His style caters largely to modern specialists。

   B. there is an inconsistency between Western theory and practice

  16 A forecast B remember C express D understand

  1. What does the mother expect the boy to do?

  [D] His writings fail to follow the amateur tradition。

   C. global institutions are not being led by true globalization advocates

  17 A unpredicted B contributory C controllable D disruptive

A. Rely on himself. B. Stay with them. C.Sell newspapers.

  5. What would be the best title for the text?

   D. European countries’ interests are being ignored by economic leaders

  18 A tendency B decision C arrangement D endeavor

  1. How does the mother feel about the boy’s job?

  [A] Newspapers of the Good Old Days

48.  Which of the following is true about Asians?

  19 A political B religious C ethnic D economic

A. Proud. B. Hopeful. C. Doubtful.

  [B] The Lost Horizon in Newspapers

   A. Asians have to speak out the protection

  20 A see B show C prove D tell


  [C] Mournful Decline of Journalism

   B. Asians have demand that they keep the post of managers


  1. What season is it now?

  [D] Prominent Critics in Memory

   C. Asians succeed in today’s global economy

  1、A what 本句的句意是:这就是加利福尼亚大学和耶鲁大学在美国国家科学院报告上联合发表的研究成果。第一个空考察表语从句的引导词。

A. Spring. B. Autumn. C. Winter.


   D. Asians succeed by Adam Smith’s principles

  2、B concluded 本句的句意是:这就是加利福尼亚大学和耶鲁大学在美国国家科学院报告上联合发表的研究成果。第二个空为针对从句谓语进行的词义考察。

  1. What do we know about the man?


    Passage Four

  3、D on 本句前半句的句意是:这项研究是一个基于1932个独特个体的基因组广谱分析。考察Conduct on词组,进行。从句意为:它对成对儿的非亲缘朋友和陌生人进行比较。

A. He likes sports. B. He hates the cold weather. C.He never does housework.

  第3题是人物观点题,答案是[D],类似[D]的信息可以从第3段最后一句的So few authors …中找到。

    We have a crisis on our hands. You mean global warming? The world economy? No, the decline of reading. People are just not doing it anymore, especially the young. Who's responsible? Actually, it's more like, What is responsible? The Interact, of course, and everything that comes with it - Facebook, Twitter (微博). You can write your own list.

  4、C compared 比较,根据上下文及后一句的same知道,比较为最佳。

  1. What is the weather like now?


    There's been a warning about the imminent death of literate civilization for a long time. In the 20th century, first it was the movies, then radio, then television that seemed to spell doom for the written world. None did. Reading survived; in fact it not only survived, it has flourished. The world is more literate than ever before - there are more and more readers, and more and more books.

  5、C samples 词义题,样本,C为最佳选项。

A. Cloudy. B. Sunny. C. Snowy.


    The fact that we often get our reading material online today is not something we should worry over. The electronic and digital revolution of the last two decades has arguably shown the way forward for reading and for writing. Take the arrival of e-book readers as an example. Devices like Kindle make reading more convenient and are a lot more environmentally friendly than the traditional paper book.

  6、A insignificant 词义题,1%,以及后面的not so转折,判断,A insignificant不显著,为最佳选项。



    As technology makes new ways of writing possible, new ways of reading are possible. Interconnectivity allows for the possibility of a reading experience that was barely imaginable before. Where traditional books had to make do with photographs and illustrations, an e-book can provide readers with an unlimited number of links: to texts, pictures, and videos. In the future, the way people write novels, history, and philosophy will resemble nothing seen in the past.

  7、C know 句意为:一些人虽然并不认识他们第四代的表亲,但他们选择的朋友却和这些亲戚颇有相似之处。

  1. What’s wrong with the man?

  相同点:GMAT文章后的第4题与2010考研Text 1后面的第3题均属人物观点题;各自的第5题均为全文主旨题。

    On the other hand, there is the danger of trivialization. One Twitter group is offering its followers single-sentence-long "digests" of the great novels. War and Peace in a sentence? You must be joking. We should fear the fragmentation of reading. There is the danger that the high-speed connectivity of the Internet will reduce our attention span - that we will be incapable of, reading anything of length or which requires deep concentration.

  8、D resemble 词义题,和上一个空形成转折。

A. He broke his left arm. B. He broke his right leg. C. His left foot hurts.

  不同点:GMAT的1、2、3题分别为逻辑结构题、类比推理题和逻辑框架题;而2010考研Text 1后面的1、2、4题均属细节理解题。2010年20道阅读理解题中只有一道(31题)是逻辑结构题,典型的推理判断题一道也没有,细节理解题的难度又特别大、缺乏区分度,以至造成整个阅读理解Part A试题信度和效度的缺失。由此清楚反映出双方命题专家所持的不同的命题指导思想:美国GMAT命题专家重视考核考生的抽象思维能力、宏观把握语篇结构与语段结构的能力和类比推理能力,因此题型中逻辑结构题、类比推理题和逻辑框架题占的比例较大;而2010考研命题专家则侧重考核考生对事实性细节的理解能力,所以类比推理题和逻辑框架题一道也没有。当然,仅从一篇文章后的五道题的类型对比很难得出全面的结论,但从一个侧面却可以窥视两者之间在命题思路方面的差异。

    In such a fast-changing world, in which reality seems to be remade each day, we need the ability to focus and understand what is happening to us. This has always been the function of literature and we should be careful not to let it disappear. Our society needs to be able to imagine the possibility of someone utterly in tune with modem technology but able to make sense of a dynamic, confusing world.

  9、B also 上下文逻辑题,发现了,还发现了。Also为最佳选项。

  1. What did the doctor tell the man to do?


    In the 15th century, Johannes Guttenberg's invention of the printing press in Europe had a huge impact on civilization. Once upon a time the physical book was a challenging thing. We should remember this before we assume that technology is out to destroy traditional culture.

  10、D Perhaps 结合上下文:这一现象很难解释,后面接原因,原因“可能”是……最符合文章大意。

A. Touch the ground. B. Lie in bed all the time. C. Have an X-ray.


上一页 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 下一页

  11、B to 介词题,意为:就像这个科研团队所发现的,这个因素不仅把我们带到详细的环境中来,更有一些深层次的影响。

  1. How soon will the man recover at least?

  21. In the opening paragraph, the author introduces his topic by


  12、D drive 词义题,根据上下文,对我们产生影响,驱使我们……drive为最佳选项。

A. In about 2 weeks. B. In about a week. C. In about 3 days.

  [A] posing a contrast。

  13、B rather than 逻辑题,基因上相似的,功能上相似的,二者对立不能同时存在,rather than不是…而是最符合。


  [B] justifying an assumption。

  14、C benefits 跟“功能”搭配,选个褒义词,带来好处的,最佳。

  1. Why has the man never chatted online before?

  [C] making a comparison。

  15、A faster 词义题,根据后半句解释,这就是为什么“picked pace”加速,这里只能选faster,一些比另外一些进化得更快,符合文意。

A. He has got too old a computer.

  [D] explaining a phenomenon.                          [逻辑框架题]

  16、D understand 词义题,这个研究可以帮助我们理解一个事实。

B. He hasn’t bought a computer.

  30. The author associates the issue of global warming with that of smoking because

  17、B contributory 本句意为:社会环境是最主要的一个因素。Contributory贡献,最佳。

C. He has no interest in chatting online.

  [A] they both suffered from the government’s negligence。

  18、A tendency 结合文章主旨,选择基因相似的人做朋友是普遍现象,tendency趋势倾向最符合。

  1. What does the man ask the woman to download for him?

  [B] a lesson from the latter is applicable to the former。

  19、C ethnic 同义替换,基因背景相似,种族的,民族的,最符合。

A. MP3 files. B. New software. C. A TV show.

  [C] the outcome from the latter aggravates the former。

  20、A see 本句意为:尽管所有的研究对象都取自欧洲血统,研究者也花心思确保了所有(用于比对的)朋友和陌生人也源自该血统中的同一支系。

  1. What does the woman tell about Friends’ forums?

  [D] both of them have turned from bad to worse.           [逻辑框架题]

  Section Ⅱ Reading Comprehension

A. Some of the Friends’ stars are sure to show up there.

  32. By referring to the limbic system, the author intends to show

  Part A

B. One can chat to people who have common interests.

  [A] its function in our dreams。

  Directions:Read the following four texts. Answer the questions after each text by choosing A, B, C or D. Mark your answers on ANSWER SHEET 1. (40 points)

C. One may clearly know who you’re talking to there.

  [B] the mechanism of REM sleep。

  Text 1


  [C] the relation of dreams to emotions。

  King Juan Carlos of Spain once insisted kings don’t abdicate, they die in their sleep. But embarrassing scandals and the popularity of the republican left in the recent Euro-elections have forced him to eat his words and stand down. So, dies the Spanish crisis suggest that monarchy is seeing its last days? Does that mean the uniting is on the wall for all European royals, with their magnificent uniforms and majestic lifestyles?

  1. How many times does one’s heart beat per minute during aerobic exercise?

  [D] its difference from the prefrontal cortex.              [逻辑结构题]

  The Spanish case previous arguments both for and against monarchy when public opinion is particularly. Polarized, as it was following the end of the France regime, monarchs can rise above “mere” politics and “embody” a spirit of national unity。

A. 140. B. 100. C. 114.

  40. According to the last paragraph, “paper plates” is to “china” as

  It is this apparent transcendence of politics that explains monarchs continuing popularity as heads of states. And so, the Middle East expected, Europe is the most monarch-infested region is the world, with 10 kingdoms not counting Vatican city and Andorra. But unlike their absolutist counterparts in the Gulf and Asia, most royal families have survived because they allow voters to avoid the difficult search for a non-controversial but respect public figure。

  1. What is the man’s advice?

  [A] “temporary” is to “permanent”。

  Even so, kings and queens undoubtedly have a downside, symbolic of national unity as they claim to be, their very history—and sometimes the way they behave today-embodies outdated and indefensible privileges and inequalities. At a time when Thomes Piketty and other ecumenists are warning of rising inequality and the increasing power of inherited wealth, it is bizarre that wealthy aristocratic families should still be the symbolic heart of modern democratic families should still be the symbolic heart of modern democratic states. The most successful monarchies strive to abandon or hide their old aristocratic ways. Prince and princess have day-jobs and ride bicycles, not horses (or helicopters). Even so, these are wealthy families who party with the international 1%, and media intrusiveness makes it increasingly difficult to maintain the right image。

A. Eating big meals every day.

  [B] “radical” is to “conservative”。

  While Europe’s monarchies will no doubt be smart enough to strive for some time to come, it is the British royals who have most to fear from the Spanish example。

B. Five small meals every day.

  [C] “functional” is to “artistic”。

  It is only the Queen who has preserved the monarchy reputation with her rather ordinary (if well-healed) granny style. The danger will come with Charles, who has both an expensive taste of lifestyle and a pretty hierarchical view of the world. He has failed to understand that monarchies have largely survived because they provide a service—as non-controversial and non-political heads of state. Charles ought to know that as English history shows, it is kings of republicans, who are the monarchy’s worst enemies。

C. Eating no food at night.

  [D] “humble” is to “noble”.                           [细节类比题]

  21、according to the first two paragraphs, king Juan Carl of span

  1. Which of the following is mentioned in the talk?


  [A] used to enjoy high public support

A. Boxing. B. Walking. C. Cycling.


  [B] was unpopular among European royals

第二部分 英语知识运用(共两节,满分45分)


  [C] ended his reign in embarrassment

第一节 单项填空(共15小题,每小题1分,满分15分)

  注:GMAT是 Graduate Management Admission Test (管理类研究生入学考试)的缩写形式,是美国教育考试服务处(EST)负责的考试之一。

  [D] eased his relationship with his rivals


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  22、monarchs are kept as head of state in Europe mostly

  1. _____news that the national football team was disqualified for the next World Cup finals came as no___ surprise at all .

    更多信息请访问:新浪考研频道 考研论坛

  [A] owing to their undoubted and respectable status

A. /;a B. The; / C. A; a D. The; a


  [B] to achieve a balance between tradition and reality

  1. Of all the methods they provided, _____ is of any help for solving the math problem.

  [C] to give voters more public figures to look up to

A. none B. no one C. nothing D. neither

  [D] due to their everlasting political embodiment

  1. Considering your income, you should be able to _____at least twenty dollars a week.

  23. Which of the following is shown to be odd, according to Paragraph 4?

A. put forward B. put in C. put down D. put aside

  [A] Aristocrats’ excessive reliance on inherited wealth。

  1. Is English Literature a(n)____ lesson, or does everyone have to learn it?

  [B] The simple lifestyle of the aristocratic families。

A. potential B. typical C. optional D. critical

  [C] The role of the nobility in modern democracies。

  1. If there hadn’t been so much smog in Beijing, we______the beautiful scenery across the Tiananmen Square.

  [D] The nobility’s adherence to their privileges。

A. enjoyed B. would have enjoyed C. had enjoyed D.would enjoy

  24. The British royals “have most to fear” because Charles

26.Our special thanks go to thousands of volunteers, without ______tireless work, none of this would be possible.

  [A] takes a tough line on political issues。

A. whose B. which C. whom D. that

  [B] fails to change his lifestyle as advised。

  1. --- Are you fond of watching TV?

  [C] takes republicans as his potential allies。

--- Not a bit. I would sit alone in the dark ______I would watch TV.

  [D] fails to adapt himself to his future role。

A. before B. if C. while D. after

  25. Which of the following is the best title of the text?

  1. ______ at the door before you enter my room, please.

  [A] Carlos, Glory and Disgrace Combined

A. Knock B. Knocking C. Knocked D. To knock

  [B] Carlos, a Lesson for All European Monarchs

  1. I lost sight of Wang Ping when we reached _______looked like a large market.

  [C] Charles, Slow to React to the Coming Threats

A. that B. which C. what D. where

  [D] Charles, Anxious to Succeed to the Throne

30.The officer gave orders that anyone_______a gun should be reported to the police station.


A. sees take B. see taken C. seeing take D. seen taking

  21 D ended his reign in embarrassment

  1. ---Are you content with her lecture?


---Nowhere near that. It .

  根据关键词King Juan Carlos of Spain 定位到第一段第一和第二句。But embarrassing scandals…have forced him to eat his words and stand down. 此处stand down译为放弃席位。因此D ended his reign in embarrassment是原文内容的同义替换。

A. may have been good B. couldn’t have been worse

  22 A owing to their undoubted and respectable status

C. can’t be better D. must be better


  1. ---What’s the matter with John? He has been sitting there for hours.

  根据关键词定位到第三段第一句it is this apparent …that explains …as heads of state。和第三句But unlike their absolutist…most royal families have survived because they allow voters to avoid the difficult search for ...respected public figure. 绝大多数皇室家族使得选民避免了寻找受人尊敬的公众人物的麻烦。因此A owing to their undoubted and respectable status是原文内容的同义替换。

---A postcard from his father______an attack of home-sickness in him.

  23 B the role of the nobility in modern democracies

A. took up B. set off C. brought in D. built up


  1. Nowadays food safety is a big problem and nobody can guarantee all foods are safe to us, but food produced in the normal companies is ______better.

  根据关键词定位到第四段最后一句话…it is bizarre that wealthy aristocratic families should still be the symbolic heart of modern democratic states 奇怪的是有钱的贵族家庭仍然处于现代民主国家的核心地位。因此B the role of the nobility in modern democracies是原文内容的同义替换。

A. strictly B. absolutely C. relatively D. exactly

  24 B fails to change his lifestyle as advised

  1. _______who had arrested him three times for carrying drugs.


A. Before George stood the policeman B. Before George the policeman stood

  根据关键词”have most of fear”定位到第六段,Charles定位到最后一段的地二句Charles 后面who引导定语从句who has both an expensive taste of lifestyle and …world因此B fails to change his lifestyle as advised是原文内容的同义替换。

C. Before the policeman stood George D. Before George did the policeman

  25 C Carlos,a Lesson for All European Monarchs

  1. —About income, I think most people deserve more than what they get.


— ______.

  着眼全文,通篇都在围绕monarchs展开。第一段由Carlos引出当今君主制面临的危机。因此Carlos,a Lesson for All European Monarchs是全文内容的精确概括。

A. You have a point B. It serves you right C. Not likely D. Don’t mention it

  Text 2


  Just how much does the Constitution protect your digital data? The Supreme Court will now consider whether police can search the contents of a mobile phone without a warrant if the phone is on or around a person during an arrest。


  California has asked the justices to refrain from a sweeping ruling, particularly one that upsets the old assumptions that authorities may search through the possessions of suspects at the time of their arrest. It is hard, the state argues, for judges to assess the implications of new and rapidly changing technologies。

When I was fifteen, I announced to my English class that I was going to write my own books. Half the students sneered(冷笑), the rest nearly 36 out of their chairs laughing. “Don’t be silly, only 37 can become writers,” the English teacher said, “And you are getting a D this term.” I was so 38 that I burst into tears.

  The court would be recklessly modest if it followed California’s advice. Enough of the implications are discernable, even obvious, so that the justice can and should provide updated guidelines to police, lawyers and defendants。

That night I wrote a short 39 poem about broken dreams and mailed it to the newspaper. To my 40 , they published it and sent me two dollars. I was a published and 41 writer. I showed it to my teacher and fellow students. They 42 . “Just plain dumb luck.” the teacher said. I tasted 43 and I’d sold the first thing I’d ever written. That was more than what any of them had done and if it was just dumb luck, that was 44 with me.

  They should start by discarding California’s lame argument that exploring the contents of a smartphone-- a vast storehouse of digital information is similar to say, going through a suspect’s purse .The court has ruled that police don't violate the Fourth Amendment when they go through the wallet or pocketbook, of an arrestee without a warrant. But exploring one’s smartphone is more like entering his or her home. A smartphone may contain an arrestee’s reading history, financial history, medical history and comprehensive records of recent correspondence. The development of “cloud computing,” meanwhile, has made that exploration so much the easier。

During the next two years I sold dozens of 45 , letters, jokes and recipes. By the time I 46 from high school, with a C minus average, I had scrapbooks(剪贴簿) filled with my published works. I never 47 my writing to my teachers, friends or my family again. They were dream killers and 48 people must choose between their friends and their dreams, they must always choose their 49.

  But the justices should not swallow California’s argument whole. New, disruptive technology sometimes demands novel applications of the Constitution’s protections. Orin Kerr, a law professor, compares the explosion and accessibility of digital information in the 21st century with the establishment of automobile use as a digital necessity of life in the 20th: The justices had to specify novel rules for the new personal domain of the passenger car then; they must sort out how the Fourth Amendment applies to digital information now。

I had four children at the time, and the oldest was only four. I wrote what I felt. It 50 nine months, just like a pregnant woman. I mailed it without a self addressed stamped 51 and without making a copy of the manuscript(底稿).

  26. The Supreme Court, will work out whether, during an arrest, it is legitimate to

A month later I received a(n) 52 , and a request to start working on another book. The worst year I earned two dollars. In my best year I earned 36, 000 dollars . 53 years I earned between five thousand and ten thousand. No, it isn’t enough to live on, but it’s still more than what I’d 54 working part time. People ask what college I 55 , what degrees I had and what qualifications I have to be a writer. The answer is: “ None.” I just write. I’m not a genius.

  [A] search for suspects’ mobile phones without a warrant。

36.A.jumped B.fell C.stood D.fled

  [B] check suspects’ phone contents without being authorized。

37.A.geniuses B.spies C.generals D.statesmen

  [C] prevent suspects from deleting their phone contents。

38.A.ashamed B.upset C.delighted D.anxious

  [D] prohibit suspects from using their mobile phones。

39.A.disappointing B.puzzled C.sad D.innocent

  27. The author’s attitude toward California’s argument is one of

40.A.comfort B.happy C.delight D.astonishment

  [A] tolerance。

41.A.paid B.cost C.borrowed D.lent

  [B] indifference。

42.A.swore B.laughed C.cried D.agreed

  [C] disapproval。

43.A.coldness B.squeeze C.failure D.success

  [D] cautiousness。

44.A.compared B.full C.fine D.mixed

  28. The author believes that exploring one’s phone content is comparable to

45.A.novels B.poems C.books D.poets

  [A] getting into one’s residence。

46.A.graduated B.heard C.came D.left

  [B] handing one’s historical records。

47.A.referred B.spoke C.took D.mentioned

  [C] scanning one’s correspondences。

48.A.until B.before C.if D.unless

  [D] going through one’s wallet。

49.A.friends B.dreams C.teachers D.family

  29. In Paragraph 5 and 6, the author shows his concern that

50.A.took B.wasted C.spent D.cost

  [A] principles are hard to be clearly expressed。

51.A.writer B.cover C.letter D.envelope

  [B] the court is giving police less room for action。

52.A.trade B.patent C.agreement D.edition

  [C] phones are used to store sensitive information。

53.A.Most B.Several C.Recent D.Memorable

  [D] citizens’ privacy is not effective protected。

54.A.wake B.take C.like D.make

  30.Orin Kerr’s comparison is quoted to indicate that

55.A.founded B.attended C.deserved D.introduced

  (A)the Constitution should be implemented flexibly。

  第三部分:阅读理解(共20小题:每小题2分, 满分40分 )

  (B)New technology requires reinterpretation of the Constitution。


www.0805.com,  (C)California’s argument violates principles of the Constitution。


  (D)Principles of the Constitution should never be altered。

What makes a gift special? Is it the price you see on the gift receipt? Or is it the look on the recipient’s face when they receive it that determines the true value? What gift is worth the most?


This Christmas I was debating what to give my father. My dad is a hard person to buy for because he never wants anything. I pulled out my phone to read a text message from my mom saying that we were leaving for Christmas shopping for him when I came across a message on my phone that I had locked. The message was from my father. My eyes fell on a photo of a flower taken in Wyoming, and underneath a poem by William Blake. The flower, a lone dandelion standing against the bright blue sky, inspired me. My dad had been reciting those words to me since I was a kid. That may even be the reason why I love writing. I decided that those words would be my gift to my father.

  26 答案B check suspects’ phone contents without being authorized

I called back. I told my mom to go without me and that I already created my gift. I sent the photo of the cream-colored flower to my computer and typed the poem on top of it. As I was arranging the details another poem came to mind. The poem was written by Edgar Allan Poe; my dad recited it as much as he did the other. I typed that out as well and searched online for a background to the words of it. The poem was focused around dreaming, and after searching I found the perfect picture. The image was painted with blues and greens and purples, twisting together to create the theme and wonder of a dream. As I watched both poems passing through the printer, the white paper coloring with words that shaped my childhood, I felt that this was a gift that my father would truly appreciate.

  解析:细节题。根据自然段定位原则,定位到首段。根据题干关键词supreme court,whether精确定位到第一段最后一句whether police can search the contents of a mobile phone….,与选项进行对应,即为B在不授权的情况下检查嫌疑人的电话信息。注意A选项应是search contents。

Christmas soon arrived. The minute I saw the look on my dad’s face as he unwrapped those swirling black letters carefully placed in a cheap frame, I knew I had given the perfect gift.

  27 答案 C disapproval

The idea for a special gift began to form when the author was ____.

  解析:态度题。根据题干California’s argument定位到第二段最后一句及第三段首句,这些句子中提到hard… recklessly modest…等负向词,表达的是负面态度。看选项属于负面的就是disapproval。A 容忍,B冷漠是典型错误,D粗心。

A. doing shopping B. having a debate C. reading a message D. leaving for Wyoming

  28 答案A getting into one’s residence

  1. The author’s inspiration for the gift came from ____.

  解析:细节题。题干问:作者认为搜索电话薄就相当于什么?根据段落界定原则定位到第四段转折处,提到But exploring one’s smart phone is more like entering his or her home。与选项对应,A中的residence对应home,是原文的同意替换。注意D选项不是作者的观点,不能将文中人物观点当作作者观点。

A. a photo of a flower B. a story about a kid

  29 答案D citizens’ privacy is not effective protected

C. a call from the mother D. a text about Christmas

  解析:细节题。根据题干定位到5段和6段,题干问作者最关注的是什么,即是相应段落的段落中心。因此,该题表面是细节题,实质为段落核心。5段首句为中心句提到,应采取措施保护数据隐私;6段又继续陈述原则的不恰当之处。根据这些内容,对应答案D 市民隐私未能得到有效保护。

  1. The underlined word “it” in Paragraph 3 refers to a poem by ____.

  30 答案 B New technology requires reinterpretation of the Constitution

A. the father B. the author C. William Blake D. Edgar Allan Poe

  解析:例证题。题干问的是引用Orin Kerr的目的是什么,即Orin Kerr是论据,其目的是论点。论点往往在论据的前面,所以要找例子前面的一句话,即New, disruptive technology sometimes demands novel applications of the Constitution’s protections。与选项对应,就是B new technology是原词复现,require等同于demands,reinterpretation of the Constitution同义替换applications of the Constitution’s protections。

  1. The author made the gift by ____.

  Text 3

A. searching for the poems online B. drawing the background by hand

  The journal Science is adding an extra round of statistical checks to its peer-review process, editor-in-chief Marcia McNutt announced today. The policy follows similar efforts from other journals, after widespread concern that basic mistakes in data analysis are contributing to the irreproducibility of many published research findings。

C. painting the letters in three colors D. matching the words with pictures

  “Readers must have confidence in the conclusions published in our journal,” writes McNutt in an editorial. Working with the American Statistical Association, the journal has appointed seven experts to a statistics board of reviewing editors (SBoRE). Manu will be flagged up for additional scrutiny by the journal’s internal editors, or by its existing Board of Reviewing Editors or by outside peer reviewers. The SBoRE panel will then find external statisticians to review these manuscripts。

  1. What is the main purpose of the passage?

  Asked whether any particular papers had impelled the change, McNutt said: “The creation of the ‘statistics board’was motivated by concerns broadly with the application of statistics and data analysis in scientific research and is part of Science’s overall drive to increase reproducibility in the research we publish。”

A. To show how to design images for gifts.

  Giovanni Parmigiani, a biostatistician at the Harvard School of Public Health, a member of the SBoRE group, says he expects the board to “play primarily an advisory role。” He agreed to join because he “found the foresight behind the establishment of the SBoRE to be novel, unique and likely to have a lasting impact. This impact will not only be through the publications in Science itself, but hopefully through a larger group of publishing places that may want to model their approach after Science。”

B. To suggest making gifts from one’s heart.

  31. It can be learned from Paragraph I that

C. To explain how computers help create gifts.

  [A] Science intends to simplify its peer-review process。

D. To describe the gifts the author has received.

  [B]journals are strengthening their statistical checks。


  [C]few journals are blamed for mistakes in data analysis。

Many people influenced various aspects of my life, based on their personal characteristics, accomplishments, and values. I have been fortunate to have had numerous teachers and professors who I respect for their patience and intelligence. There are artists that have inspired me by their natural talents and original creativity. I value many political leaders, who have inspired me by their contributions to society, and their ability to change our futures. But of all the people I have known in my life, the person I admire most is my father.

  [D]lack of data analysis is common in research projects。

As the youngest girl in my family, I always considered myself to be “Daddy’s little girl”. While I grew up, it always made me sad to see so many of my friends and neighbors without a father or father-like figure around. This helped me appreciate how my father always takes an interest in his children’s lives. In every aspect of my life my father continuously pushes me to excel, so I could accomplish my work outstandingly among my people. Whenever I feel like giving up, or have a question or a concern, I know I can always call on him for advice. From him I have also learned that sometimes you have to put others’ needs ahead of your own, but you should make sure you are not taken advantage of by others. His strength seems to be unbreakable during hard times, and he is extremely determined to accomplish anything he sets his mind on, no matter how tiny it is. I highly respect him for how he stands up for what he believes in, and will never back down. I have always admired his open mind, compassion for people, and sense of understanding. He is a very reserved man, but to everybody’s surprise, he has a great sense of humor, and always knows how to put a smile on the faces of his wife, his children and his friends.

  32. The phrase ‘flagged up” (Para.2)is the closest in meaning to

Living in his affection and instruction, I am very proud of my father. He also professes how proud he is of his children, and is still there to support us in whatever we are involved in.


  1. What is the best title for the passage?_______.


A. How my father loved me


B. My father—the one who influenced me most


C. I am the apple on my father’s palm

  33. Giovanni Parmigiani believes that the establishment of the SBoRE may

D. My father—the person I admire most

  [A]pose a threat to all its peers

  1. Which of the following could not be used to describe the author’s father?_______.

  [B]meet with strong opposition

A. Knowledgeable and sociable B. Affectionate and open-minded

  [C]increase Science’s circulation。

C. Considerate and humorous D. Energetic and helpful

  [D]set an example for other journals

  1. Which of the following can best explain the underlined word “excel”?_______.

  34. David Vaux holds that what Science is doing now

A. Be cleverer than others. B. Show off.

  A. adds to researchers’ workload。

C. Do better than others. D. Keep healthy

  B. diminishes the role of reviewers。

  1. According to the underlined part, the father was telling the author to ___________.

  C. has room for further improvement。

A. try to be good to those who were worth making friends with

  D. is to fail in the foreseeable future。

B. think about others and help them, but not to be made use of in a negative way

  35. Which of the following is the best title of the text?

C. think about others and help them, so that she could make them serve her

  A. Science Joins Push to Screen Statistics in Papers

D. try to take advantage of those who were friendly to her

  B. Professional Statisticians Deserve More Respect

  1. What can we infer about the author?_______.

  C. Data Analysis Finds Its Way onto Editors’ Desks

A. She had sympathy for the fatherless.

  D. Statisticians Are Coming Back with Science

B. She considered her father humorous and was often made to laugh by him.

  Text 3

C. She appreciated her father because he solved all the problems for her.

  31. 答案 B journals are strengthening their statistical checks 段落推断题 考查的是段落中心句,定位在首段首句 The journal Science is adding an extra source at Peer-review process, editor-in- chief Marcia McNott announced today. 《科学》 杂志将要对同行评审过程增加额外的资源。与选项B同意替换。

D. She was outstanding in work because her father pushed her hard.

  32. 答案 C marked 词义句意题 根据所猜短语flagged up 所在句子的句意,手稿将被flagged up以供杂志编辑、现有的编辑评审委员会或外部同行审查。比较四个选项,只有C marked 被标记,符合题意。


  33. 答案 D set an example for other journals 观点细节题 定位在四段末句 This impact will not only be through the publications in Science itself, but hopefully through a larger group of publishing places that may want to model their approach after Science. 这不仅对于《科学》 杂志本身的出版有影响,还有希望影响其它的出版社,这些出版社想继《科学》 杂志之后树立自己的典型形象。选项D是这句话的概括总结。

Homestay provides English language students with the opportunity to speak English outside the classroom and the experience of being part of a British home.

  34. 答案 D has room for further improvement 观点细节题 定位在末段末句,Vaux says that Science’s idea to pass some papers to statisticians “has some merit, but a weakness is that ..。.”Vaux 认为《科学》 杂志的想法有一些好处,但是有个缺点是..。.这就说明这个想法是有进一步改进的空间的。

What to Expect

  35. 答案 A Science Joins Push to Screen Statistics in Papers 主旨大意题 本文首段首句就是全文主题句,《科学》 杂志将要对同行评审过程增加额外的资源,而且全文其它各个段落都在围绕对这一想法不同专家的不同态度在论述,所以选项A是对全文中心的完整表达。

The host will provide accommodation and meals.Rooms will be cleaned and bedcovers changed at least once a week.You will be given the house key and the host is there to offer help and advice as well as to take an interest in your physical and mental health.

  Text 4

Accommodation Zones

  Two years ago, Rupert Murdoch’s daughter, Elisabeth, spoke of the “unsettling dearth of integrity across so many of our institutions”. Integrity had collapsed, she argued, because of a collective acceptance that the only “sorting mechanism” in society should be profit and the market. But “it’s us, human beings, we the people who create the society we want, not profit”。

Homestays are located in London mainly in Zones 2, 3 and 4 of the transport system.Most hosts do not live in the town centre as much of central London is commercial and not residential(居住的) .Zones 3 and 4 often offer larger accommodation in a less crowded area.It is very convenient to travel in London by Underground.

  Driving her point home, she continued: “It’s increasingly apparent that the absence of purpose, of a moral language within government, media or business could become one of the most dangerous goals for capitalism and freedom。” This same absence of moral purpose was wounding companies such as News International, she thought, making it more likely that it would lose its way as it had with widespread illegal telephone hacking。

Meal Plans Available

  As the hacking trial concludes—finding guilty one ex-editor of the News of the World, Andy Coulson, for conspiring to hack phones, and finding his predecessor, Rebekah Brooks, innocent of the same charge—the wider issue of dearth of integrity still stands. Journalists are known to have hacked the phones of up to 5,500 people. This is hacking on an industrial scale, as was acknowledged by Glenn Mulcaire, the man hired by the News of the World in 2001 to be the point person for phone hacking. Others await trial. This saga still unfolds。

◇ Continental Breakfast

  In many respects, the dearth of moral purpose frames not only the fact of such widespread phone hacking but the terms on which the trial took place. One of the astonishing revelations was how little Rebekah Brooks knew of what went on in her newsroom, how little she thought to ask and the fact that she never inquired how the stories arrived. The core of her successful defense was that she knew nothing。

◇ Breakfast and Dinner

  In today’s world, it has become normal that well-paid executives should not be accountable for what happens in the organizations that they run. Perhaps we should not be so surprised. For a generation, the collective doctrine has been that the sorting mechanism of society should be profit. The words that have mattered are efficiency, flexibility, shareholder value, business-friendly, wealth generation, sales, impact and, in newspapers, circulation. Words degraded to the margin have been justice, fairness, tolerance, proportionality and accountability。

◇ Breakfast, Packed Lunch and Dinner

  The purpose of editing the News of the World was not to promote reader understanding, to be fair in what was written or to betray any common humanity. It was to ruin lives in the quest for circulation and impact. Ms Brooks may or may not have had suspicions about how her journalists got their stories, but she asked no questions, gave no instructions—nor received traceable, recorded answers。

It's important to note that few English families still provide a traditional cooked breakfast.Your accommodation includes Continental Breakfast which normally consists of fruit juice,cereal (谷物类食品), bread and tea or coffee.Cheese, fruit and cold meat are not normally part of a Continental Breakfast in England.Dinners usually consist of meat or fish with vegetables followed by dessert, fruit and coffee.

  36. According to the first two paragraphs, Elisabeth was upset by


  (A) the consequences of the current sorting mechanism。

If you wish to invite a friend over to visit, you must first ask your host's permission.You have no right to entertain friends in a family home as some families feel it is an invasion of their privacy.

  (B) companies’ financial loss due to immoral practices

Self-Catering Accommodation in Private Homes

  (C) governmental ineffectiveness on moral issues。

Accommodation on a room-only basis includes shared kitchen and bathroom facilities and often a main living room.This kind of accommodation offers an independent lifestyle and is more suitable for the long-stay student.However, it does not provide the same family atmosphere as an ordinary homestay and may not benefit those who need to practise English at home quite as much.

  (D) the wide misuse of integrity among institutions。

66.The passage is probably written for ________.

  37. It can be inferred from Paragraph 3 that

A.hosts willing to receive foreign students

  (A) Glenn Mulcaire may deny phone hacking as a crime。

B.foreigners hoping to build British culture

  (B) more journalists may be found guilty of phone hacking。

C.travellers planning to visit families in London

  (C) Andy Coulson should be held innocent of the charge。

D.English learners applying to live in English homes

  (D) phone hacking will be accepted on certain occasions。

67.Which of the following will the host provide?_______.

  38. The author believes that Rebekah Brooks’s defense

A.Room cleaning. B.Medical care. C.Free transport. D.Physical training.

  (A) revealed a cunning personality。

68.What can be inferred from Paragraph 3?_______.

  (B) centered on trivial issues。

A.Zone 4 is more crowded than Zone 2.

  (C) was hardly convincing。

B.The business centre of London is in Zone 1.

  (D) was part of a conspiracy。

C.Hosts dislike travelling to the city centre.

  39. The author holds that the current collective doctrine shows

D.Accommodation in the city centre is not provided.

  (A) generally distorted values。

69.According to the passage, what does Continental Breakfast include?_______.

  (B) unfair wealth distribution。

A.Dessert and coffee. B.Fruit and vegetables.

  (C) a marginalized lifestyle。

C.Bread and fruit juice. D.Cereal and cold meat.

  (D) a rigid moral code。

70.Why do some people choose self-catering accommodation?_______.

  40 Which of the following is suggested in the last paragraph?

A.To experience a warmer family atmosphere.

  (A) The quality of writings is of primary importance。

B.To enrich their knowledge of English.

  (B) Common humanity is central to news reporting。

C.To entertain friends as they like.

  (C) Moral awareness matters in editing a newspaper。

D.To enjoy much more freedom.

  (D) Journalists need stricter industrial regulations。


  36. 答案A. The consequences of the current sorting mechanism. 因果细节题 题目问到Elisbeth 因什么而感到沮丧。定位在第一段第二句 Intergrity had collapsed, ..., because of a collective acceptance that the only “sorting mechanism” in society should be profit and the market, 由于社会中唯一的分类机制是利润和市场这一共同的观念,导致了正直这种道德品质的沦丧。

Micro bloggers: have you ever compared the number of fans on your Sina Weibo or Tencent micro blog with those of your friends? Don’t imagine you have more fans just because your number is bigger–some of them might be “zombie fans”, or fake followers.

  37. 答案 B more journalists may be found guilty of phone hacking 段落推断题 定位到第三段第一句 As the hacking trial concludes.... the wider issue of dearth of integrity still stands 正如窃听案总结的那样,仍然存在更广泛的dearth of integrity 的事件,与选项B 对应。

That’s what Chen Chuanliang, creator of Lejian Network, found when he bet against his friend several months ago. Chen, who used to do search and data mining (数据挖掘)for Microsoft Asia Research Institute, then ran a statistical analysis and screened(屏蔽) all the null accounts among his fans. Not only did he find that he had more real micro blog followers than his friend, he also discovered that there were far more null micro blog accounts than he had imagined.

  38. 答案 C was hardly convincing 观点细节题 根据第四段第二句中astonishing,how little...,how little... She never ... 以及第三句中She knew nothing 的语气判断作者的态度是认为RB的辩护是没有说服力的。

Later Chen randomly picked 10 celebrity users on Sina Weibo and analyzed their statistics. Kai-Fu Lee, the former CEO of Google China, who’s on Chen’s list of research, posted a message on his micro blog after he found out that he had more than 1 million fake fans (out of about 5 million), joking “I have 1 million zombie fans? If united, we can finally defeat those plants.”

  39. 答案 A generally distorted values 观点细节题 题干定位在第五段第三句,答案定位在随后的第四、第五句。 The current collective doctrine 认为重要的是 efficiency, flexibility, shareholder value...., 而认为justice, fairness..。.不重要,故扭曲了价值观。

According to a report by S Weekly in March, zombie fans on micro blogs are defined as invalid accounts signed up by network companies for the purpose of increasing the number of fans for certain users, especially celebrity ones, and getting them more attention.

  40. 答案是C moral awareness matters in editing a newspaper. 段落推断题 定位在最后一段前两句。世界新闻杂志的目的不是提升读者的理解能力。。。。而是为了发行量和影响力而毁了人们的生活。从ruined the lives 的表达能看出作者希望杂志所做的是提高其道德意识,与C选项对应。

And this kind of fake followers are also very much alive on Western social networks such as Twitter and Facebook. The Financial Times reported in August, that Newt Gingrich, a Republican candidate in the US presidential election, bought about 80 percent of his 1.3 million Twitter followers and tried to use them as help in his campaign.

  Part B

Now there are also business deals through which users can get hundreds of thousands of fans for their micro blog accounts, by paying a small amount of money.


“We have been working to find ways to block or delete those invalid accounts,” Mao Taotao, a spokesperson for Sina Weibo told S Weekly.

  In the following article, some sentences have been removed. For Questions 41-45, choose the most suitable one from the list A-G to fit into each of the numbered blank. There are two extra choices, which do not fit in any of the gaps. Mark your answers on ANSWER SHEET 1. (10 points)

“But as the fake accounts grow so fast, they’re going to be here for a while.”

  How does your reading proceed? Clearly, you try to comprehend, in the sense of identifying meanings for individual words and working out relationships between them, drawing on your implicit knowledge of English grammar. (41)________________. You begin to infer a context for the text, for instance, by making decisions about what kind of speech event is evolved. Who is making the utterance, to whom, when and where?

  1. What do “null accounts” mean in paragraph 2? _______.

  The ways of reading indicated here are without doubt kinds of comprehension but they show comprehension to consist not just of passive assimilation but of active engagement in inference and problem-solving. You infer information you feel the writer has invited you to grasp by presenting you with specific evidence and clues. (42) ________________

A. famous accounts B. useful account

  Conceived in this way, comprehension will not follow exactly the same track for each reader. What is in question is not the retrieval of an absolute, fixed or “true” meaning that can be read off and checked for accuracy, or some timeless relationship of the text to the world. (43) _____________

C. fake accounts D. unfamiliar accounts

  Such background material inevitably reflects who we are. (44) _____________. This does not, however, make interpretation merely relative or even pointless. Precisely because readers from different historical periods, places and social experiences produce different but overlapping readings of the same words on the page---including for texts that engage with fundamental human concerns--- debates about texts can play an important role in social discussion of belief and values。

  1. How can users get zombie fans for their micro blog accounts?_______.

  How we read a given text also depends to some extent on our particular interest in reading it. (45) _____________. Such dimensions of reading suggest---as others introduced later in the book will also do--that we bring an implicit (often unacknowledged) agenda to any act of reading. It does not then necessarily follow that one kind of reading is fuller, more advanced or more worthwhile than another. Ideally, different minds of reading inform each other, and act as useful reference points for and counterbalances to one another. Together, they make up the reading component of your overall literacy, or relationship to your surrounding textual environment。

A. by making friends with people B. by doing search on Internet

  [A] Are we studying that text and trying to respond in a way that fulfills the requirement of a given course? Reading it simply for pleasure? Skimming it for information? Ways of reading on a train or in bed are likely to differ considerably from reading in a seminar room。

C. by screening their weibo followers D. by paying money

  [B] Factors such as the place and period in which we are reading, our gender ethnicity, age and social class will encourage us towards certain interpretations but at the same time obscure or even close off others。

  1. What does the quoted sentence mean in para.3? _______.

  [C] If you are unfamiliar with words or idioms, you guess at their meaning, using clues presented in the context. On the assumption that they will become relevant later, you make a mental note of discourse entities as well as possible links between them。

A. Zombie fans are too much, even out of his imagination.

  [D]In effect, you try to reconstruct the likely meanings or effects that any given sentence, image or reference might have had: These might be the ones the author intended。

B. He wants to play the famous computer games with those zombie fans.

  [E] You make further inferences, for instance, about how the text may be significant to you, or about its validity—inferences that form the basis of a personal response for which the author will inevitably be far less responsible。

C. The more zombie fans are, the better he feels.

  [F] In plays, novels and narrative poems, characters speak as constructs created by the author, not necessarily as mouthpieces for the author’s own thoughts。

D. Zombie fans are good for defeating plants in real world.

  [G]Rather, we ascribe meanings to texts on the basis of interaction between what we might call textual and contextual material: between kinds of organizations or patterning we perceive in a text’s formal structures (so especially its language structures) and various kinds of background, social knowledge, belief and attitude that we bring to the text。

  1. What is the purpose of having zombie fans?_______.

  41 【C】

A. to unit them to defeat plants.

  解析:41段中空,所以要看上句。空前与空后句中的主语是you,因此正确选项在C、D中存在,此其一也;D中出现了reconstruct(重组)逻辑上是再次发生,与位于句首的逻辑发生了叙述上的矛盾。故排除D选择C。另外,C中的words or idioms和meanings 在41空前句重现,因为前句中有identifying meanings for individual words and working out relationships between them。

B. to increase the number of fans for certain users to getting more attention.

  42 【E】

C. to earn a large amount of money for the users

  解析:42 段尾空,所以看上一句话。空前一句中的主语是you,因此正确选项在C、D、E中存在,此其一也;其二,该句中主句谓语动词是infer, 与E中的宾语inferences构成逻辑对应关系。故排除C和D选择E。另外,42空前两句提到了阅读时我们会active engagement in inference and problem-solving, 并针对作者文中的specific evidence and clues 进行信息的推测。E选项中further 一词表明延续此话题,用for instance 具体举例说明我们对文章信息作怎么样的推测。

D. to do search and data mining for Microsoft Asia Research Institue


  1. The report from the Financial Times was used here to _______.

  解析:43段尾空,应重点看本段上一句。同时下段开头出现了代词such background,而G中最后一句中的background与之形成逻辑对应关系。故选择G。另外,G中Rather表示转折,与43空前句开头的not 构成“not… rather…”的“不是……而是……”结构

A. advertise for the US presidential election 8


B. introduce a Republican candidate in the US presidential election,

  解析:44段中空,看上下句。此段空前句中有关键词background,空后句中有关键词interpretation; background逻辑上对应G中最后一句中的background,而interpretation 逻辑对应B中最后一句中的interpretations. 故选择B。另外,B中Factors such as the place and period in which we are reading, our gender, ethnicity, age and social class 是44空前who we are的具体阐述。

C. prove there exist many faked fans on western social networks.


D. describe the different political election between China and America.

  解析:45段中空,看上下句。最后一段首句主语是we, 所有选项中只有A和G的主语是we;但是G中首词是转折词Rather,与首句逻辑矛盾,故排除G选择A。另外,A中具体描述了许多不同的阅读目的和方式,此为对45空前句How we read a given text 和our particular interest in reading it 的具体阐述。A中的信息是45空后句such dimensions of reading 的指代对象。

第II卷(非选择题 满分35分)

  Part C Translation

第四部分 写作(共两节,满分35分)


第一节 阅读表达(共5小题;每小题2分,满分10分)

  Read the following text carefully and then translate the underlined segments into Chinese. Your translation should be written clearly on ANSWER SHEET 2. (10 points)

阅读下面短文,并根据短文后的要求答题 (请注意问题后的词数要求)。

  Within the span of a hundred years, in the seventeenth and early eighteenth centuries, a tide of emigration -one of the great folk wanderings of history-swept from Europe to America. 46) This movement, driven by powerful motivations, built a nation out of a wilderness and, by its nature, shaped the character and destiny of an uncharted continent。

[1] For the people living in the Nile Basin,the river is their life. This 6,825 km river,whose watershed (流域) covers three million square kilometers,flows through mountains,woodlands,lakes and deserts. Its potential for fishing,tourism and shipping is great — but so are its challenges.

  47) The United States is the product of two principal forces-the immigration of European peoples with their varied ideas, customs, and national characteristics and the impact of a new country which modified these traits. Of necessity, colonial America was a projection of Europe. Across the Atlantic came successive groups of Englishmen, Frenchmen, Germans, Scots, Irishmen, Dutchmen, Swedes, and many others who attempted to transplant their habits and traditions to the new world. 48) But the force of geographic conditions peculiar to America, the interplay of the varied national groups upon one another, and the sheer difficulty of maintaining old-world ways in a raw, new continent caused significant changes. These changes were gradual and at first scarcely visible. But the result was a new social pattern which, although it resembled European society in many ways, had a character that was distinctly American。

[2] Water shortage,already serious in Egypt and Sudan,will soon influence several other countries in the watershed, too. Today,about 160 million people depend on the Nile River for their living. Within the next 25 years,the district's population is expected to double,adding to the demand brought about by growth in industry and agriculture. The frequent drought adds to the urgency.

  49)The first shiploads of immigrants bound for the territory which is now the United States crossed the Atlantic more than a hundred years after the fifteenth- and sixteenth-century explorations of North America. In the meantime, thriving Spanish colonies had been established in Mexico, the West Indies, and South America. These travelers to North America came in small, unmercifully overcrowded craft. During their six- to twelve-week voyage, they subsisted on meager rations. Many of the ships were lost in storms, many passengers died of disease, and infants rarely survived the journey. Sometimes tempests blew the vessels far off their course, and often calm brought interminable delay。

[3] Water quality is also a problem. Precious soil is washed out to sea. Wastes from industry and agriculture create pollution. Higher concentrations of salt influence irrigated soils. Water-borne diseases continue unchecked. In areas where it's hot and damp,water hyacinths choke off lakes,dams and other sections of the river,making it difficult for fishing and other businesses to move forward.

  To the anxious travelers the sight of the American shore brought almost inexpressible relief. Said one chronicler, "The air at twelve leagues' distance smelt as sweet as a new-blown garden." The colonists' first glimpse of the new land was a vista of dense woods. 50) The virgin forest with its richness and variety of trees was a real treasure-house which extended from Maine all the way down to Georgia. Here was abundant fuel and lumber. Here was the raw material of houses and furniture, ships and potash, dyes and naval stores。

[4] Native people along the narrow area of farmland have watched the sand move closer day by day. They've seen the river change course,and their only source of water thickened with mud. They're very poor and have few choices.

  46) This movement, driven by powerful motivations, built a nation out of a wilderness and, by its nature, shaped the character and destiny of an uncharted continent。

[5] But a new program,the Nile Basin Initiative,is offering very practical assistance. The program is ________ a water-management project. It's a plan for the social and economic development of a vast district as well:it concentrates on the needs of the poorest of the poor and the environment that supports them.


[6] These are whole ecosystem problems,calling for united solutions.Half the Nile Basin's countries are among the world's poorest nations;yet,somehow,they must find the resources,skills and political will to overcome these challenges.

  47) The United States is the product of two principal forces——the immigration of European peoples with their varied ideas, customs, and national characteristics and the impact of a new country which modified these traits。

  1. What is the main idea of the second and third paragraphs? (No more than 10 words)



  48 But the force of geographic conditions peculiar to America, the interplay of the varied national groups upon one another, and the sheer difficulty of maintaining old-world ways in a raw, new continent caused significant changes。

  1. Fill in the blanks in Paragraph 5 with proper words. (No more than 4 words)



  49 The first shiploads of immigrants bound for the territory which is now the United States crossed the Atlantic more than a hundred years after the fifteenth- and sixteenth-century explorations of North America。

  1. How large will the population of River Nile district be within the next 25 years?


(No more than 5 words)

  50 The virgin forest with its richness and variety of trees was a real treasure-house which extended from Maine all the way down to Georgia。



  1. What do Nile Basin’s countries need to overcome the challenges? (No more than 6 words)

  Section III Writing


  Part A

  1. What does the underlined word “Its” (Line 3, Paragraph 1 ) refer to?


(No more than 3 words)

  You are going to hold a club reading session. Write an email of about 100 words recommending a book to the club members。


  You should state reasons for your recommendation。

  第二节 书面表达(满分25分)

  You should write neatly on the ANWSER SHEET. Do not sign you own name at the end of the letter, use “Li Ming ” instead. Do not write the address 。(10 points)


  Dear friends,

A组的意见 B组的意见

  I am writing to tell you about a fantastic book I have just read, as we always share the same taste of books。

  1. 应发展核电站。 1. 应该限制核电站的发展。

  2. 给人们带来更多电能,缓解用电压力。 2. 会造成包括空气污染在内的各种污染。.

  3. 创造就业机会. 3. 应该发展例如太阳能等类型的环保电站。

  The book is called Journey to the West, which tells us a story that four monks conquered multiple handicaps to achieve their final destination. Besides the touching and thrilling plot, the book also features humorous languages, thanks to the talented author。

注意: 1. 120字左右; 2.不得逐字翻译。 核电站nuclear power station 太阳能

  So I recommend it to all of you as one of the favorite books that I have ever read. I am sure you will love it as much as I do. I am looking forward to discussing more with you after you read it。


  Yours sincerely,


  • Li Ming


  Part B


  Part B


  52. Directions:


  Write an essay of 160—200 words based on the following picture.in your essay, you should


  1. describe the pictures briefly,


  2. interpret its intended meaning, and


  3. give your comments。


  You should write neatly on ANSWER SHEET . (20 points)


  A group of friends, boys or girls, are having a dinner party while each one of them is checking messages in their mobile phones without saying a word to one another, leaving the dishes untouched. We are informed that this is a gathering in the era of mobile phone。


  The above picture unveils a common social phenomenon and the symbolic meaning of the photo is the effect of the mobile phone on people’s way of life. Undoubtedly, the phone provides us with considerable convenience, making many things possible which are beyond our dreams. As a communication tool, the phone makes us closer than ever before by providing immediate communication. Meanwhile, there are negative effects on our personal life. As is shown in the picture, people are imprisoned in their own world! They choose contacting online rather than communicating face to face。


  Accordingly, enjoying the convenience provided by the phones, we should bear in mind that human beings are social beings who need real interpersonal interactions! Joint efforts are needed to ensure people to have face-to-face communication! I believe a harmonious relationship between friends is awaiting us if we set aside our mobile phones and enjoy the untouched meal!